Mist and Her

She is Rachel. Mist was one thing she had never seen before. So, I took her to my hometown, Liwa. That was her longest trip she had ever experienced which we made by motorcycle.

I told her that we can see the mist coming up in front of my house even everywhere we are, if we wake up early. In the morning, she woke up early enthusiastically, she went out to see the mist appears in front of my house. She believe that what I've told her is true. The mist appears, very thick.

Then, I took her to a higher place, a hill behind my house. Finally, she got what she want to enjoy, the thing she never seen before. Mist still covers everything.

Who knows that something that was covered in the picture is a valley, my village.

She told me that she was very happy to see something she'd never seen before.


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