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Simplicity in Sabah Limau, Batu Brak

This is one of favorite things I always do, especially when I am right in front of my laptop. Revisiting the moment. I often spend much time to be drifted into my photograph athmosphere. If you wonder whether I believe in time machine, so the answer is yes, and here is the story I wanna try to tell you about. So after taking a long time to revisit all my photographs, I intend to write something about this. Photographs in this article are taken about 3 years ago.

There are so many enjoyable things we can experience if only we give a try, like both of us, me and Ariswanto. After enjoying Sekura party in Batu Brak, we spared our time to visit our friend Marga at his house in Pekon Awi, Batu Brak for a thing Indonesians always call, silaturahmi. He is our senior at the college who always provides us his house to stay before and after climbing Pesagi mountain.

His house resembles common houses in Liwa. It has 2 floors, stairway beside, so many windows, small porch and broad yard for dryin…

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