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Pulau Pisang, A Magical Island across West Coast of Lampung

It was when the longest holiday in Indonesia, Eid Mubarak, came where so many people in Indonesia would go back to their hometown. Eid Mubarak or Lebaran Day is not only for Moslem but also everyone, including me.

I should have stayed at home. Doing everything at home like reading books, watching movies, keeping parents' shop, playing with dogs and sleeping in, doing everything only at the house, was all the plans I'd arranged before going back to Liwa. There would be no going out but watching Sekura Party. Plans finally were ruined. I went out with some friends who all of sudden came to my hometown and asked me to accompany them and absolutely, that was impossible to be denied as a host.

First, It was begun with my cousin Ben and his girlfriend Uci from Tangerang coming to our home for spending their holiday. So, they asked me and my brother Vincent to accompany them to the ocean. For them and many people, beach with big waves was rare to see.

Our home is in a hilly regency …

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