Wandering to a Far Deserted Place, Karang Putih Beach

Saturday always sounds like a hilarity to us especially for those who work all the week. Spending the week by working hard like a horse absolutely makes us need a leisure time to be deserved. So, when weekend comes, it's time to play hard. I mean harder.

The sun had set.
A friend of me Albet suddenly invited us to go somewhere far that sounded unfamiliar to me. First I thought it was just a mere talk until a day before we left Albet had prepared all stuff which would be necessary on the trip. Out of nowhere, many friends joined that trip as well.
Rumi Squad taking Wefie.
It took more than 3 hours to reach toward a small bay in Tanggamus from Bandar Lampung. That was enough time to make our bottom pretty stiff because of the road. All sorts of road we passed. Ricefields, plantations, farms, hills, woods and traditional villages attracted our eyes while reaching the beach.

When we arrived, we built the tents and prepared the dinner. No one was there but us. Some went sleep, some stayed up, enjoyed the twinkling stars. Just a while, the heavy rain came at once.

What makes the beach of Cukuh Balak different.
Sometimes some native guys came to visit us, they wondered what we did at the beach. We interacted with them, gained some stories about that beach. They said that there were a lot of comers, often pulled by waves, were dead because they didn't know how to recognize the waves and tides.

There is a big stone standing about 50 meters from the beach where we built the tent. They called it Karang Putih or White Reef. There was a folklore about it. At the time, it was a ship that cursed by a man who had a power to change everything when he said something, Pahit Lidah. Now, the standing stone becomes the attraction of that beach.
Beach, camp and coconut tree.

Me, taken by Albet.
Look! Someone there.


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